Acts 12:13

When he knocked at the door of the gate (krousanto autou thn quran tou pulwno). Genitive absolute with aorist active participle of krouw, common verb to knock or knock at. So from the outside ( Luke 13:25 ). Pulwn here is the gateway or passageway from the door (qura) that leads to the house. In verse Luke 14 it is still the passageway without the use of qura (door, so for both door and passageway). To answer (upakousai). To listen under before opening. First aorist active infinitive of upakouw, common verb to obey, to hearken. A maid (paidiskh). Portress as in John 18:17 . A diminutive of pai, a female slave (so on an ostracon of second century A.D., Deissmann, Light from the Ancient East, p. 200). Rhoda. A rose. Women can have such beautiful names like Dorcas (Gazelle), Euodia (Sweet Aroma), Syntyche (Good Luck). Mark or Peter could tell Luke her name.