Acts 13:44

The next Sabbath (twi ercomenwi sabbatwi). Locative case, on the coming (ercomenwi, present middle participle of ercomai) Sabbath. So the best MSS., though some have ecomenwi (present middle participle of ecw in sense of near, bordering, following as in Luke 13:33 ; Ac 29:15). Almost (scedon). Old word, but in N.T. only here, Acts 19:26 ; Hebrews 9:22 . Was gathered together (sunhcqh). First aorist (effective) passive indicative of sunagw, old and common verb. The "whole city" could hardly all gather in the synagogue. Perhaps Paul spoke in the synagogue and Barnabas to the overflow outside (see verse Hebrews 46 ). It was an eager and earnest gathering "to hear (akousai, first aorist active infinitive of purpose) the word of God" and a great opportunity for Paul and Barnabas. The Codex Bezae has it "to hear Paul." It was the new preacher (Paul) that drew the big crowd. It was a crowd such as will later hang on the words of John Wesley and George Whitfield when they preach Jesus Christ.