Acts 13:5

Proclaimed (kathggellon). Imperfect active of kataggellw, inchoative, began to proclaim. This was Paul's rule of procedure, "to the Jew first" ( Romans 1:16 ; Acts 13:46 ; Acts 17:2 ; Acts 18:4 Acts 18:19 ; Acts 19:8 ). They had also (eicon de kai). Imperfect active, descriptive. As their attendant (uphrethn). Literally, "under-rower" (upo, hreth) in the trireme. Probably here minister (cazzan) or assistant in the synagogue as in Luke 4:20 . Cf. Matthew 5:25 . It is not clear what John Mark did, though he was evidently selected by Barnabas as his cousin. He may have helped in the baptizing. There were probably others also in the company (verse Matthew 13 ). The "also" may mean that Mark did some preaching. Barnabas was probably the leader in the work in these Jewish synagogues.