Acts 15:15

To this agree (toutwi sumpwnousin). Associative instrumental case (toutwi) after sumpwnousin (voice together with, symphony with, harmonize with), from sumpwnew, old verb seen already in Matthew 18:19 ; Luke 5:36 ; Acts 5:9 which see. James cites only Amos 9:11 Amos 9:12 from the LXX as an example of "the words of the prophets" (oi logoi twn prophtwn) to which he refers on this point. The somewhat free quotation runs here through verses Amos 16-18 of Ac 15 and is exceedingly pertinent. The Jewish rabbis often failed to understand the prophets as Jesus showed. The passage in Amos refers primarily to the restoration of the Davidic empire, but also the Messiah's Kingdom (the throne of David his father," Luke 1:32 ).