Acts 15:16

I will build again (anoikodomhsw). Here LXX has anasthsw. Compound (ana, up or again) of oikodomew, the verb used by Jesus in Matthew 16:18 of the general church or kingdom as here which see. The tabernacle of David (thn skhnhn Daueid), a poetical figure of the throne of David ( 2 Samuel 7:12 ) now "the fallen tent" (thn peptwkuian), perfect active participle of piptw, state of completion. The ruins thereof (ta katestrammena auth). Literally, "the ruined portions of it." Perfect passive participle of katastrepw, to turn down. It is a desolate picture of the fallen, torn down tent of David. I will let it up (anorqwsw). Old verb from anorqow (ana, orqo), to set upright. See on Luke 3:13 of the old woman whose crooked back was set straight.