Acts 2:40

With many other words (eteroi logoi pleiosin). Instrumental case. Not necessarily "different" (eteroi), but "further," showing that Luke does not pretend to give all that Peter said. This idea is also brought out clearly by pleiosin ("more," not "many"), more than these given by Luke. He testified (diemarturato). First aorist middle of diamarturomai, old verb, to make solemn attestation or call to witness (perfective use of dia), while marturew is to bear witness. Page insists that here it should be translated "protested solemnly" to the Jews as it seems to mean in Luke 16:28 ; Acts 20:23 ; 1 Timothy 5:21 ; 2 Timothy 2:14 ; 2 Timothy 4:1 . And exhorted (kai parekalei). Imperfect active, kept on exhorting. Save yourselves (swqhte). First aorist passive of swzw. Literally, Be ye saved. Crooked (skolia). Old word, opposite of orqo, straight. Pravus the opposite of rectus, a perversity for turning off from the truth. Cf. Luke 9:41 ; Philippians 2:15 .