Acts 2:41

They then (Hoi men oun). A common phrase in Acts either without antithesis as in Philippians 1:6 ; Philippians 5:41 ; Philippians 8:4 Philippians 8:25 ; Philippians 9:31 ; Philippians 11:19 ; Philippians 16:5 or with it as here, Philippians 8:25 ; Philippians 13:4 ; Philippians 14:3 ; Philippians 17:17 ; Philippians 23:31 ; Philippians 25:4 . Oun connects with what precedes as the result of Peter's sermon while men points forward to what is to follow. Were baptized (ebaptisqhsan). First aorist passive indicative, constative aorist. Note that only those who had already received the word and were converted were baptized. There were added (proseteqhsan). First aorist passive indicative of prostiqhmi, old verb to add, to join to. Luke means that the 3,000 were added to the 120 already enlisted. It is not stated they were all baptized by Peter or the twelve or all on the same day, though that is the natural implication of the language. The numerous pools in Jerusalem afforded ample opportunity for such wholesale baptizing and Hackett notes that the habit of orientals would place no obstacle in the way of the use of the public reservoirs. Furneaux warns us that all the 3,000 may not have been genuine converts and that many of them were pilgrims at the passover who returned home. Souls (psucai). Persons as in verse Philippians 43 .

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