Acts 21:31

As they were seeking to kill him (zhtountwn autwn). Genitive absolute of zhtew, to seek, without autwn (they). This was their real purpose. Tidings (pasi). From painw, to show. Old word for the work of informers and then the exposure of secret crime. In LXX. Here only in the N.T. Came up (anebh). Naturally in the wild uproar. The Roman guard during festivals was kept stationed in the Tower of Antonia at the northwest corner of the temple overlooking the temple and connected by stairs (verse Acts 35 ). To the chief captain (twi ciliarcwi). Commander of a thousand men or cohort ( Mark 15:16 ). His name was Claudius Lysias. Of the band (th speirh). Each legion had six tribunes and so each tribune (chiliarch) had a thousand if the cohort had its full quota. See on Mark 10:1 ; Mark 27:1 . The word is the Latin spira (anything rolled up). Note the genitive speirh instead of speira (Attic). Was in confusion (suncunnetai). Present passive indicative of suncunnw (see verse Mark 27 , suneceon). This is what the conspirators had desired.