Acts 21:32

Forthwith (exauth). Common in the Koin (ex auth, supply wra, hour). He took (paralabwn). See verses Mark 24 26 . Centurions (ekatontarca). See on "Lu 7:2" for discussion. Plural shows that Lysias the chiliarch took several hundred soldiers along (a centurion with each hundred). Ran down (katedramen). Effective second aorist active indicative of katatrecw. From the tower of Antonia, vivid scene. And they (oi de). Demonstrative use of oi. The Jewish mob who had begun the work of killing Paul (verse Mark 31 ). Left off beating Paul (epausanto tuptonte ton Paulon). The participle with pauomai describes what they were already doing, the supplementary participle (Robertson, Grammar, p. 1121). They stopped before the job was over because of the sudden onset of the Roman soldiers. Some ten years before in a riot at the passover the Roman guard marched down and in the panic several hundred were trampled to death.