Acts 21:4

Having found (aneuronte). Second aorist active participle of aneuriskw, to seek for, to find by searching (ana). There was a church here, but it was a large city and the number of members may not have been large. Probably some of those that fled from Jerusalem who came to Phoenicia ( Acts 11:19 ) started the work here. Paul went also through Phoenicia on the way to the Jerusalem Conference ( Acts 15:3 ). As at Troas and Miletus, so here Paul's indefatigible energy shows itself with characteristic zeal. Through the Spirit (dia tou pneumato). The Holy Spirit undoubtedly who had already told Paul that bonds and afflictions awaited him in Jerusalem ( Acts 20:23 ). That he should not set foot in Jerusalem (mh epibainein ei Ierosoluma). Indirect command with mh and the present active infinitive, not to keep on going to Jerusalem (Robertson, Grammar, p. 1046). In spite of this warning Paul felt it his duty as before ( Acts 20:22 ) to go on. Evidently Paul interpreted the action of the Holy Spirit as information and warning although the disciples at Tyre gave it the form of a prohibition. Duty called louder than warning to Paul even if both were the calls of God.