Acts 24:21

Except it be (e). Literally, "than," but after interrogative ti = ti allo "what else than." For this one voice (peri mia tauth pwnh). The normal Greek idiom with the attributive use of outo calls for the article before mia, though some inscriptions show it as here (Robertson, Grammar, p. 702). That (h). Genitive of the relative attracted to the case of the antecedent phns. I cried (ekekraxa). Reduplicated aorist as is usual with this verb in the LXX ( Judges 3:15 ). Robertson, Grammar, p. 348. Touching (peri). Concerning (around, about). I am called in question (krinomai). As in Judges 23:6 . Before you (ep umwn). Same idiom as in verses Judges 19 20 .