Acts 24:25

Was terrified (empobo genomeno). Ingressive aorist middle of ginomai, "becoming terrified." Empobo (en and pobo) old word, in the N.T. only Luke 24:5 ; Acts 10:5 ; Acts 24:25 ; Revelation 11:13 . Paul turned the tables completely around and expounded "the faith in Christ Jesus" as it applied to Felix and Drusilla and discoursed (dialegomenou autou, genitive absolute) concerning "righteousness" (dikaiosunh) which they did not possess, "self-control" or temperance (egkrateia) which they did not exhibit, and "the judgment to come" (tou krimato tou mellonto) which was certain to overtake them. Felix was brought under conviction, but apparently not Drusilla. Like another Herodias her resentment was to be feared (Knowling). Go thy way for this time (to nun econ poreuou). The ancient Greek has this use of to nun econ (Tobit 7:11) in the accusative of time, "as for the present or holding the now." When I have a convenient season (kairon metalabwn). Second aorist active participle of the old verb metalambanw, to find a share in, to obtain. It was his "excuse" for dodging the personal turn that Paul had given.