Acts 24:26

He hoped withal (ama kai elpizwn). "At the same time also hoping." Paul had mentioned the "alms" ( Revelation 24:17 ) and that excited the avarice of Felix for "money" (crhmata). Roman law demanded exile and confiscation for a magistrate who accepted bribes, but it was lax in the provinces. Felix had doubtless received them before. Josephus (Ant. XX. 8, 9) represents Felix as greedy for money. The oftener (puknoteron). Comparative adverb of pukno, old word, in N.T. only here and Luke 5:33 which see and 1 Timothy 5:23 . Kin to pugmh ( Mark 7:3 ) which see from pukw, thick, dense, compact. Paul kept on not offering a bribe, but Felix continued to have hopes (present tense elpizwn), kept on sending for him (present tense metapempomeno), and kept on communing (imperfect active wmilei from omilew, old word as in Acts 20:11 ; Luke 24:14 , which see, only N.T. examples of this word). But he was doomed to disappointment. He was never terrified again.