Acts 25:5

Them therefore which are of power among you (oi oun en umin dunatoi). "The mighty ones among you," "the men of power" (dunatoi) and authority, "the first men," the Sanhedrin, in other words. Note change here by Luke from indirect discourse in verse Acts 4 , to direct in verse Acts 5 (phsin, says he). Go down with me (sunkatabante). Double compound (sun, kata) second aorist active participle of sunkatabainw. It was a fair proposal. If there is anything amiss in the man (ei ti estin en twi andri atopon). Condition of the first class, assuming that there is (to be courteous to them), but not committing himself on the merits of the case. Atopon is an old word, specially common in Plato, meaning "out of place." In N.T. only here and Luke 23:41 which see; Acts 28:6 ; 2 Thessalonians 3:2 . Note present tense active voice of kathgoreitwsan (imperative) of kathgorew, repeat their accusations.