Acts 27:41

But lighting upon (peripesonte de). Second aorist active participle of peripiptw, old verb to fall into and so be encompassed by as in Luke 10:30 ; James 1:2 . There is a current on one side of St. Paul's Bay between a little island (Salmonetta) and Malta which makes a sand bank between the two currents. Unexpectedly the ship stuck in this sandbar. Where two seas met (diqalasson). Used in Strabo and Dio Chrysostom for divided seas (di, qalassa). They ran the vessel aground (epekeilan thn naun). First aorist active indicative of old verb epikellw, to run a ship ashore. Only here in N.T. Here also we have the only N.T. use of nau for ship (from naw, new, to swim) so common in ancient Greek. Our word navy is from this word through the Latin. Struck (ereisasa). First aorist active participle of ereidw, old verb to fix firmly. Only here in N.T. Unmoveable (asaleuto). From a privative and saleuw to shake. Old word. In N.T. only here and Hebrews 12:28 . Began to break up (elueto). Inchoative imperfect passive of the old verb luw, to loosen. The prow was stuck in the sand-bar, and the stern was breaking to pieces by the opposing waves lashing on both sides. It was a critical moment.