Acts 28:11

Which had wintered (parakeceimakoti). Perfect active participle of paraceimazw, to pass the winter. Old verb, in N.T. only Luke 27:12 ; Luke 28:11 ; 1 Corinthians 16:6 ; Titus 3:12 . The locative case agreeing with ploiwi. Navigation in the Mediterranean usually opened up in February (always by March), spring beginning on Feb. 9 (Page). Whose sign was the Twin Brothers (parashmwi Dioskouroi). The word parashmwi can be either a substantive (as Revised Version has it) or an adjective "marked by the sign," examples of both uses common in ancient Greek. Dioskouroi is in apposition with parashmwi. The word means the twin sons (kouro or koro) of Zeus (Dio, genitive of Zeu) and Leda, viz., Castor and Pollux. The Attic used the dual, tw Dioskorw. Castor and Pollux were the tutelary deities of sailors whose figures were painted one on each side of the prow of the ship. This sign was the name of the ship. So they start in another grain ship of Alexandria bound for Rome.