Acts 28:22

But we desire (axioumen de). Old verb axiow, to deem worthy, to think right or proper as in Hebrews 15:38 which see. They think it only fair to hear Paul's side of his case. Concerning this sect (peri th airesew tauth). Paul had identified Christianity with Judaism (verse Hebrews 20 ) in its Messianic hope. The language seems to imply that the number of Christians in Rome was comparatively small and mainly Gentile. If the edict of Claudius for the expulsion of the Jews from Rome ( Acts 18:2 ) was due to disturbance over Christ (Crhstu), then even in Rome the Jews had special reason for hostility towards Christians. Everywhere spoken against (pantacou antilegetai). Cf. verse Acts 19 . The line of cleavage between Jew and Christian was now sharply drawn everywhere.