Acts 28:23

Appointed (taxamenoi). First aorist middle participle of tassw. Formal arrangement as in Matthew 28:16 when Jesus appointed the mountain for his meeting in Galilee. In great number (pleione). Comparative of polu, "more than a few." Expounded (exetiqeto). Imperfect middle of ektiqhmi, to set forth, as in Matthew 11:4 ; Matthew 18:26 . He did it with detail and care and spent all day at it, "from morning till evening" (apo prwi ew espera). In N.T. only here, Matthew 4:3 and Luke 24:29 , though common word. Persuading them concerning Jesus (peiqwn autou peri tou Ihsou). Conative present active participle, trying to persuade. It was only about Jesus that he could make good his claim concerning the hope of Israel (verse Luke 20 ). It was Paul's great opportunity. So he appealed both to Moses and to the prophets for proof as it was his custom to do.