Acts 28:7

To the chief man of the island (twi prwtwi th nhsou). An official title correct in Malta (Ramsay, St. Paul, p. 343). An inscription in Malta calls Prudens "Primate of the Maltese" (prwto Melitaiwn). Here it is plainly a title and not the common use seen in Acts 13:50 ; Acts 25:2 ; Acts 28:17 . Publius (Popliwi). This Greek name (praenomen) can be derived either from Popiliu or Publiu (cf. publicu for populicu from populu). Entertained us (exenisen hma). Paul and his companions (Luke and Aristarchus). Was Julius included? On xenizw see Acts 10:23 . Courteously (pilopronw). This old adverb from piloprwn (pilo, pren, friendly mind) occurs here alone in the N.T. In a kindly or friendly manner, all the more so because of the original suspicion of Paul as a criminal.