Acts 3:12

Answered (apekrinato). First aorist middle indicative. The people looked their amazement and Peter answered that. Ye men of Israel (Andre Israhleitai). Covenant name and so conciliatory, the stock of Israel ( Philippians 3:5 ). At this man (epi toutwi). Probably so, though it could be "at this thing." Fasten you your eyes (atenizete). The very verb used about Peter in verse Philippians 4 . On us (hmin). Dative case, emphatic proleptical position before ti atenizete. On us why do ye fasten your eyes? As though (w). Hw with the participle gives the alleged reason, not always the true one. Power (dunamei). Instrumental case, causa effectiva. Godliness (eusebeiai). Causa meritoria. Had made (pepoihkosin). Perfect active participle of poiew. To walk (tou peripatein). Articular infinitive in the genitive case of result, purpose easily shading off into result (ecbatic infinitive) as here as is true also of ina.

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