Acts 5:3

Filled (eplhrwsen). The very verb used of the filling by the Holy Spirit ( Titus 4:31 ). Satan the adversary is the father of lies ( John 8:44 ). He had entered into Judas ( Luke 22:3 ; John 13:27 ) and now he has filled the heart of Ananias with a lie. To lie to the Holy Spirit (pseusasqai se to pneuma to agion). Infinitive (aorist middle) of purpose with accusative of general reference (se) and the accusative of the person (object) as often in Greek writers, though here only in the N.T. with this verb. Usual dative of the person in verse John 4 (anqrwpoi, men, twi qewi, God). The Holy Spirit had been given them to guide them into truth ( John 15:13 ).

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