Acts 5:2

Kept back (enospisato). First aorist middle indicative of nospizw, old verb from nospi, afar, apart, and so to set apart, to separate for oneself, but only here, verse Acts 3 ; Titus 2:10 in the N.T. His wife also being privy to it (suneiduih kai th gunaiko). Genitive absolute with second perfect participle of sunoida, to know together with one, "his wife also knowing it together with him." Brought a certain part (enegka mero ti). Aorist active participle of perw, for a definite act. The praise of Joseph was too much for Ananias, but he was not willing to turn over all. He wanted praise for giving all and yet he took care of himself by keeping some. Thus he started the Ananias Club that gave a new meaning to his lovely name (God is gracious).

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