Acts 7:4

When his father was dead (meta to apoqanein auton). Meta with the accusative of the articular infinitive and the accusative of general reference (auton), regular Greek idiom. In Genesis 11:32 it is stated that Terah died at Haran at the age of 205. There are various explanations of the discrepancy, but no one that seems certain. It is possible (Hackett, Felten) that Abraham is mentioned first in Genesis 11:26 because he became the most prominent and was really younger than Haran his brother who died before the first migration who was really sixty years older than Abraham. According to this view Terah was 130 years old at the birth of Abraham, leaving Abraham 75 at the death of Terah (205). Wherein ye now dwell (ei hn umei nun katoikeite). Note ei in the sense of en as often. Note also emphatic use of umei (ye) and now (nun).