Acts 8:27

A eunuch of great authority (eunouco dunasth). Eunuchs were often employed by oriental rulers in high posts. Dynasty comes from this old word dunasth used of princes in Luke 1:52 and of God in 1 Timothy 6:15 . Eunuchs were not allowed to be Jews in the full sense ( Deuteronomy 23:1 ), but only proselytes of the gate. But Christianity is spreading to Samaritans and to eunuchs. Candace (Kandakh). Not a personal name, but like Pharaoh and Ptolemy, the title of the queens of Ethiopia. This eunuch apparently brought the gospel to Ethiopia. Treasure (gazh). Persian word, common in late Greek and Latin for the royal treasure, here only in the N.T. For to worship (proskunhswn). Future active participle expressing purpose, a common idiom in the ancient Greek, but rare in the N.T. (Robertson, Grammar, p. 1128).