Acts 9:5

Lord (kurie). It is open to question if kurie should not here be translated "Sir" as in Acts 16:30 and in Matthew 21:29 Matthew 21:30 ; John 5:7 ; John 12:21 ; John 20:15 ; and should be so in John 9:36 . It is hardly likely that at this stage Saul recognized Jesus as Lord, though he does so greet him in Acts 22:10 "What shall I do, Lord?" Saul may have recognized the vision as from God as Cornelius says "Lord" in Acts 10:4 . Saul surrendered instantly as Thomas did ( John 20:28 ) and as little Samuel ( 1 Samuel 3:9 ). This surrender of the will to Christ was the conversion of Saul. He saw a real Person, the Risen Christ, to whom he surrendered his life. On this point he never wavered for a moment to the end.