Acts 9:6

The best MSS. do not have "trembling and astonished," and "What wilt thou have me to do, Lord?" The Textus Receptus put these words in here without the authority of a Greek codex. See 1 Samuel 22:10 above for the genuine text. It shall be told thee (lalhqhsetai). Future passive indicative of lalew. It is hardly likely that Luke records all that Jesus said to Saul, but more was to come on his arrival in Damascus. Saul had received all that he could bear just now ( John 16:12 ). What (oti). Rare in Koin use of this indefinite neuter relative in an indirect question, the only example in the N.T. (Robertson, Grammar, p. 731). Human agents like Ananias can finish what Jesus by supernatural manifestation has here begun in Saul.