Colossians 3:13

Forbearing one another (anecomenoi allhlwn). Present middle (direct) participle of anecw with the ablative case (allhlwn), "holding yourselves back from one another." Forgiving each other (carizomenoi eautoi). Present middle participle also of carizomai with the dative case of the reflexive pronoun (eautoi) instead of the reciprocal just before (allhlwn). If any man have (ean ti ech). Third class condition (ean and present active subjunctive of ecw). Complaint (momphn). Old word from mempomai, to blame. Only here in N.T. Note pro here with tina in the sense of against for comparison with pro in 2:31. Even as the Lord (kaqw kai o Kurio). Some MSS. read Cristo for Kurio. But Christ's forgiveness of us is here made the reason for our forgiveness of others. See Matthew 6:12 Matthew 6:14 where our forgiveness of others is made by Jesus a prerequisite to our obtaining forgiveness from God.