Ephesians 3:16

That he would grant you (ina dwi umin). Sub-final clause with ina and the second aorist active subjunctive of didwmi, to give. There are really five petitions in this greatest of all Paul's prayers (one already in Luke 1:16-23 ), two by the infinitives after ina dwi (krataiwqhnai, katoikhsai), two infinitives after ina exiscushte (katalabesqai, gnwnai), and the last clause ina plhrwqhte. Nowhere does Paul sound such depths of spiritual emotion or rise to such heights of spiritual passion as here. The whole seems to be coloured with "the riches of His glory." That ye may be strengthened (krataiwqhnai). First aorist passive infinitive of krataiow, late and rare (LXX, N.T.) from krataio, late form from krato (strength). See Luke 1:80 . Paul adds dunamei (with the Spirit). Instrumental case. In the inward man (ei ton esw anqrwpon). Same expression in 2 Corinthians 4:16 (in contrast with the outward exw, man) and in Romans 7:22 .