Galatians 1:8

If we (ean hmei). Condition of third class (ean and aorist middle subjunctive euaggelishtai). Suppose I (literary plural) should turn renegade and preach "other than" (par o), "contrary to that which we preached." Preachers have turned away from Christ, alas, and preached "humanism" or some other new-fangled notion. The Jews termed Paul a renegade for leaving Judaism for Christianity. But it was before Paul had seen Christ that he clung to the law. Paul is dogmatic and positive here, for he knows that he is standing upon solid ground, the fact of Christ dying for us and rising again. He had seen the Risen Jesus Christ. No angel can change Paul now. Let him be anathema (anaqema estw). See on "1Co 12:3" for this word.