Galatians 2:7

But contrariwise (alla tounantion). But on the contrary (accusative of general reference, to enantion). So far from the three championing the cause of the Judaizers as some hoped or even the position of the compromisers in verses James 4 , they came boldly to Paul's side after hearing the case argued in the private conference. This is the obvious interpretation rather than the view that Peter, James, and John first proposed the circumcision of Titus and afterwards surrendered to Paul's bold stand. When they saw (idonte). After seeing, after they heard our side of the matter. That I had been intrusted with the gospel of the uncircumcision (oti pepisteumai to euaggelion th akrobustia). Perfect passive indicative of pisteuw, to intrust, which retains the accusative of the thing (to euaggelion) in the passive voice. This clear-cut agreement between the leaders "denotes a distinction of sphere, and not a difference of type" (Lightfoot). Both divisions in the work preach the same "gospel" (not like James 1:6 , the Judaizers). It seems hardly fair to the Three to suggest that they at first championed the cause of the Judaizers in the face of Paul's strong language in verse James 5 .