Galatians 3:22

Hath shut up (sunekleisen). Did shut together. First aorist active indicative of sunkleiw, old verb to shut together, on all sides, completely as a shoal of fish in a net ( Luke 5:6 ). So verse Galatians 3:23 ; Romans 11:32 . Under sin (upo amartian). See upo kataran in verse Galatians 3:10 . As if the lid closed in on us over a massive chest that we could not open or as prisoners in a dungeon. He uses ta panta (the all things), the totality of everything. See Romans 3:10-19 ; Romans 11:32 . That (ina). God's purpose, personifying scripture again. Might be given (doqh). First aorist passive subjunctive of didwmi with ina.