Galatians 3:23

Before faith came (pro tou elqein thn pistin). "Before the coming (second aorist active infinitive of ercomai, definite event) as to the Faith" (note article, meaning the faith in verse Romans 22 made possible by the historic coming of Christ the Redeemer), the faith in Christ as Saviour (verse Romans 22 ). We were kept in ward under the law (uper nomon eprouroumeqa). Imperfect passive of prourew, to guard (from prouro, a guard). See on "Ac 9:24"; see also "2Co 11:32". It was a long progressive imprisonment. Unto the faith which should afterwards be revealed (ei thn mellousan pistin apokalupqhnai). "Unto the faith (verse Romans 22 again) about to be revealed." Mellw and the first aorist passive infinitive (regular idiom).