Hebrews 1:13

Hath he said (eirhken). Perfect active common use of the perfect for permanent record. This seventh quotation is proof of the Son's superiority as the Son of God (his deity) to angels and is from Psalms 110:1 , a Messianic Psalm frequently quoted in Hebrews. Sit thou (kaqou). Second person singular imperative middle of kaqhmai, to sit, for the longer form kaqhso, as in Matthew 22:44 ; James 2:3 . On my right hand (ek dexiwn mou). "From my right." See Hebrews 1:3 for en dexiai "at the right hand." Till I make (ew an qw). Indefinite temporal clause about the future with ew and the second aorist active subjunctive of tiqhmi with an (often not used), a regular and common idiom. Quoted also in Luke 20:43 . For the pleonasm in upodion and twn podwn (objective genitive) see Matthew 5:35 .