Hebrews 10:27

Expectation (ekdoch). Usually reception or interpretation from ekdecomai ( Hebrews 11:10 ), only here in N.T. and in unusual sense like prosdokia, like apekdecomai ( Romans 8:19 Romans 8:23 Romans 8:25 ), this sense apparently "coined by the writer" (Moffatt) from his use of ekdecomai in Hebrews 10:13 . The papyri have it in the sense of interpretation. A fierceness of fire (puro zhlo). An anger (zeal, jealousy) marked (genitive) by fire. Language kin to that in Isaiah 26:11 ; Zep 1:19; Psalms 79:5 . See also 2 Thessalonians 1:8-10 for a like picture of destined doom. Devour (esqiein). "To eat" (figuratively), present active infinitive. The adversaries (tou upenantiou). Old double compound adjective (upo, en, antio), in N.T. only here and Colossians 2:14 . Those directly opposite.