Hebrews 11:26

The reproach of Christ (ton oneidismon tou Cristou). See Psalms 89:51 for the language where "the Messiah" ("The Anointed One") is what is meant by tou Cristou, here rightly applied by the writer to Jesus as the Messiah who had his own shame to bear ( Psalms 12:2 ; Psalms 13:12 ). There is today as then ( Hebrews 13:13 ) a special reproach (oneidismo, already, Hebrews 10:33 ) in being a follower of Jesus Christ. Moses took this obloquy as "greater riches" (meizona plouton) than "the treasures of Egypt" (twn Aiguptou qhsaurwn, ablative case after comparative meizona, for which see Matthew 6:19 ). Moses was laying up treasure in heaven. For he looked unto the recompense of reward (apeblepen gar ei thn misqapodosian). In perfect active of apoblepw, "for he was looking away (kept on looking away)." For misqapodosia see Matthew 10:35 .