Hebrews 11:25

Choosing rather (mallon elomeno). "Rather having chosen" (second aorist middle of airew, to take for oneself a position). To be entreated with (sunkakouceisqai). Present passive infinitive of the double compound sunkakoucew (from sun, kako, ecw), to treat ill with (associative instrumental case), only known example save one in the papyri (second century A.D.), though kakoucew in Hebrews 11:37 ; Hebrews 13:3 . To enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season (proskairon ecein amartia apolausin). Literally, "to have temporary pleasure of sin." Apolausi is old word from apolauw, to enjoy, in N.T. only here and 1 Timothy 6:17 . Proskairo (from pro, kairo) is a common Koin word as the antithesis to aiwnio (eternal) as in Matthew 13:21 ; Mark 4:17 ; 2 Corinthians 4:18 (only N.T. examples). To have been disloyal to God's people would have brought enjoyment to Moses in the Egyptian Court for a short while only.