Hebrews 11:4

A more excellent sacrifice (pleiona qusian). Literally, "more sacrifice" (comparative of polu, much). For this rather free use of pleiwn with the point implied rather than stated see Matthew 6:25 ; Luke 10:31 ; Luke 12:23 ; Hebrews 3:3 . Than Cain (para Kain). For this use of para after comparative see Hebrews 1:4 Hebrews 1:9 . For the incident see Genesis 4:4 . Through which (di h). The sacrifice (qusia). He had Witness borne to him (emarturhqh). First aorist passive indicative of marturew as in verse Genesis 2 , "he was witnessed to." That he was righteous (einai dikaio). Infinitive in indirect discourse after emarturhqh, personal construction of dikaio (predicate nominative after einai) agreeing with the subject of emarturhqh (cf. Romans 1:22 , einai sopoi). God bearing witness (marturounto tou qeou). Genitive absolute with present active participle of marturew. Through it (di auth). Through his faith (as shown by his sacrifice). Precisely why Abel's sacrifice was better than that of Cain apart from his faith is not shown. Being dead (apoqanwn). Second aorist active participle of apoqnhskw, "having died." Yet speaketh (eti lalei). Cf. Genesis 4:10 ; Hebrews 12:24 . Speaks still through his faith.