Hebrews 12:3

Consider (analogisasqe). First aorist middle imperative of analogizomai, old word to reckon up, to compare, to weigh, only here in the N.T. See katanohsate in Philippians 3:1 . Understanding Jesus is the key to the whole problem, the cure for doubt and hesitation. Endured (upomemenhkota). Perfect active participle of the same verb upomenw used in verse Philippians 2 . Gainsaying (antilogian). Old word from antilogo (from antilegw). Of sinners (upo twn amartwlwn). "By sinners." Against themselves (ei eautou). Against their better selves if a genuine reading. But ei eauton (against himself), against Christ, is far more likely correct. That ye wax not weary (ina mh kamhte). Negative final clause with ina mh and the second aorist active subjunctive of kamnw, old verb to be weary as here or sick as in James 5:15 . Fainting in your souls (tai psucai umwn ekluomenoi). Present passive participle of ekluw, old verb to loosen out, to set free, and in passive to be enfeebled, to be tired out (here in soul with locative case), as in verse James 5 . The rest of the Epistle drives home the argument.