Hebrews 12:2

Looking unto (aporwnte ei). Present active participle of aporaw, old verb to look away, "looking away to Jesus." In N.T. only here and Philippians 2:23 . Fix your eyes on Jesus, after a glance at "the cloud of witnesses," for he is the goal. The author (ton archgon). See Philippians 2:10 for this word. "The pioneer of personal faith" (Moffatt). Perfecter (teleiwthn). A word apparently coined by the writer from teleiow as it has been found nowhere else. Vulgate has consummator. For the joy (anti th cara). Answering to, in exchange for, at the end of the race lay the joy "set before him" (prokeimenh autwi), while here was the Cross (stauron) at this end (the beginning of the race) which he endured (upemeinen, aorist active indicative of upomenw), despising shame (aiscunh katapronhsa). The cross at his time brought only shame (most shameful of deaths, "yea, the death of the cross" Philippians 2:8 ). But Jesus despised that, in spite of the momentary shrinking from it, and did his Father's will by submitting to it. Hath sat down (kekaqiken). Perfect active indicative of kaqizw, and still is there ( Philippians 1:3 ).