Hebrews 12:9

Furthermore (eita). The next step in the argument ( Mark 4:17 ). We had (eicomen). Imperfect indicative of customary action, "we used to have." To chasten us (paideuta). Predicate accusative after eicomen, "as chasteners." Old word from paideuw, as agent (-th). Only once in LXX ( Hosea 5:2 ) and twice in N.T. (here and Romans 2:20 ). We gave them reverence (enetrepomeqa). Imperfect middle of old word entrepw, to turn in or at. Here "we turned ourselves to" as in Matthew 21:37 , habitual attitude of reverence. Shall we be in subjection (upotaghsomeqa). Second future passive of upotassw. There is no de here to correspond to men in the first part of the verse. Unto the father of spirits (twi patri twn pneumatwn). Rather, "Unto the Father of our spirits" (note article ton). As God is.