Hebrews 3:6

Whose house are we (ou oiko esmen hmei). We Christians (Jew and Gentile) looked at as a whole, not as a local organization. If we hold fast (ean katascwmen). Condition of third class with ean and second aorist (effective) active subjunctive of katecw. This note of contingency and doubt runs all through the Epistle. We are God's house if we do not play the traitor and desert. Boldness (parrhsian) and glorying (kai kauchma) some had lost. The author makes no effort to reconcile this warning with God's elective purpose. He is not exhorting God, but these wavering Christians. All these are Pauline words. B does not have mecri telou bebaian (firm unto the end), but it is clearly genuine in verse Acts 14 . He pleads for intelligent confidence.