Hebrews 3:2

Who was faithful (piston onta). Present active participle with predicate accusative agreeing with Ihsoun, "as being faithful." That appointed him (twi poihsanti auton). See 1 Samuel 12:6 . Dative case of the articular participle (aorist active) of poiew and the reference is to God. Note pisto as in 1 Samuel 2:17 . As also was Moses (w kai Mwush). The author makes no depreciatory remarks about Moses as he did not about the prophets and the angels. He cheerfully admits that Moses was faithful "in all his house" (en olwi twi oikwi autou), an allusion to Numbers 12:7 (ean olwi twi oikwi mou) about Moses. The "his" is God's. The use of oiko for the people (family) of God, not the building, but the group ( 1 Timothy 3:15 ) in which God is the Father. But wherein is Jesus superior to Moses? The argument is keen and skilful.