Hebrews 5:1

In things pertaining to God (ta pro ton qeon). Accusative of general reference as in Acts 2:17 ( Romans 15:17 ). The two essential points about any high priest are human sympathy ( Romans 5:1-3 ) and divine appointment ( Romans 5:4 ). He is taken from men and appointed in behalf of men. That he may offer (ina prosperh). Purpose clause with ina and present active subjunctive of prosperw, "that he keep on offering (from time to time)." Both gifts (dwra) and sacrifices (kai qusia). General term (dwra) and bloody offerings, but the two together are inclusive of all as in Romans 8:3 ; Romans 9:9 ( 1 Kings 8:64 ). For sins (uper amartiwn). His own included ( Hebrews 7:27 ) except in the case of Jesus.