Hebrews 6:19

Which (hn). Which hope. What would life be without this blessed hope based on Christ as our Redeemer? As an anchor of the soul (w agkuran th psuch). Old word, literally in Acts 27:29 , figuratively here, only N.T. examples. The ancient anchors were much like the modern ones with iron hooks to grapple the rocks and so hold on to prevent shipwreck ( 1 Timothy 1:19 ). Both sure and steadfast (aspalh te kai bebaian). This anchor of hope will not slip (alpha privative and spallw, to totter) or lose its grip (bebaia, from bainw, to go, firm, trusty). That which is within the veil (to eswteron tou katapetasmato). The Holy of Holies, "the inner part of the veil" (the space behind the veil), in N.T. only here and Acts 16:24 (of the inner prison). The anchor is out of sight, but it holds. That is what matters.