Hebrews 6:9

But we are persuaded (pepeismeqa de). Perfect passive indicative of peiqw, literary plural. Note Paul's use of pepeismai in 2 Timothy 1:12 . Better things (ta kreissona). "The better things" than those pictures in Hebrews 6:4-8 . That accompany salvation (ecomena swthria). "Things holding on to salvation" ( Mark 1:38 ), a common Greek phrase ecomena, present middle participle of ecw. Though we thus speak (ei kai outw laloumen). Concessive condition of the first class. Explanatory, not apologetic, of his plain talk. Not unrighteous to forget (ou gar adiko epilaqesqai). Second aorist middle infinitive of epilanqanw with genitive case (ergou, work, agaph, love). But even God cannot remember what they did not do. In that ye ministered and still do minister (diakonhsante kai diakonounte). First aorist active and present active participle of the one verb diakonew, the sole difference being the tense (single act aorist, repeated acts present).