Hebrews 8:5

Serve (latreuousin). Present active indicative of latreuw for which verb see on "Mt 4:10". A copy (upodeigmati). Dative case after latreuousin. See already on John 13:15 ; Hebrews 4:11 for this interesting word. Shadow (skiai). Dative case. Old word for which see already Matthew 4:16 ; Mark 4:32 ; Colossians 2:17 . See same idea in Hebrews 9:23 . For difference between skia and eikwn see Hebrews 10:1 . Here "copy and shadow" form a practical hendiadys for "a shadowy out- line" (Moffatt). Is warned of God (kecrhmatistai). Perfect passive indicative of crhmatizw, old verb (from crhma, business) for which see on Matthew 2:12 Matthew 2:22 ; Luke 2:26 . The word "God" is not used, but it is implied as in Hebrews 10:22 ; Hebrews 12:25 . So in LXX, Josephus, and the papyri. For saith he (gar phsi). Argument from God's command ( Exodus 25:40 ). See that thou make (Hora poihsei). Common Greek idiom with present active imperative of oraw and the volitive future of poiew without ina (asyndeton, Robertson, Grammar, p. 949). The pattern (ton tupon). The very word used in Exodus 25:40 and quoted also by Stephen in Hebrews 7:44 . For tupo see already John 20:25 ; Romans 6:17 , etc. The tabernacle was to be patterned after the heavenly model.