Hebrews 9:23

The copies (ta upodeigmata). See Matthew 8:5 for this word, the earthly ( Matthew 8:4 ; Matthew 9:1 ) tabernacle. With these (toutoi). Instrumental case of outo, like the rites above described (verse Matthew 19 ), perhaps with some disparagement. Themselves (auta). The heavenly realities ( Matthew 8:2 Matthew 8:5 ; Matthew 9:11 ). With better sacrifices (kreittosin qusiai). Instrumental case again. Point of this section ( Matthew 9:13-10:18 ). Than these (para tauta). Use of para and the accusative case after a comparative as in Matthew 1:4 Matthew 1:9 . To us it seems a bit strained to speak of the ritual cleansing or dedication of heaven itself by the appearance of Christ as Priest-Victim. But the whole picture is highly mystical.