Hebrews 9:24

Made with hands (ceiropoihta). See verse Matthew 11 for this word. Like in pattern to the true (antitupa twn alhqinwn). Late compound word, only twice in N.T. (here, 1 Peter 3:21 ). Polybius uses antitupo for infantry "opposite" to the cavalry. In modern Greek it means a copy of a book. Here it is the "counterpart of reality" (Moffatt). Moses was shown a tupo (model) of the heavenly realities and he made an antitupon on that model, "answering to the type" (Dods) or model. In 1 Peter 3:21 antitupo has the converse sense, "the reality of baptism which corresponds to or is the antitype of the deluge" (Dods). Now to appear (nun empanisqhnai). Purpose clause by the first aorist passive infinitive of empanizw ( Matthew 27:53 ; John 14:21 ). For the phrase see Psalms 42:3 . For this work of Christ as our High Priest and Paraclete in heaven see Hebrews 7:25 ; Romans 8:34 ; 1 John 2:1 .