James 1:9

But (de). Return to the point of view in verse James 2 . Of low degree (o tapeino). "The lowly" brother, in outward condition ( Luke 1:52 ), humble and poor as in Ps 9:39; Proverbs 30:14 , not the spiritually humble as in Matthew 11:29 ; James 4:6 . In the LXX tapeino was used for either the poor in goods or the poor in spirit. Christianity has glorified this word in both senses. Already the rich and the poor in the churches had their occasion for jealousies. Glory in his high estate (kaucasqw en twi upsei autou). Paradox, but true. In his low estate he is "in his height" (upso, old word, in N.T., also in Luke 1:78 ; Ephesians 3:1 ; etc.).