James 1:10

In that he is made low (en th tapeinwsei autou). "In his low estate." Play on tapeinwsi (from tapeinow, Philippians 3:7 ), like tapeino of verse James 1:9 , old word in various senses, in N.T. only here, Luke 1:48 ; Acts 8:33 ; Philippians 3:21 . The Cross of Christ lifts up the poor and brings down the high. It is the great leveller of men. As the flower of the grass (w anqo cortou). From the LXX ( Isaiah 40:6 ). Corto means pasture, then grass ( Mark 6:39 ) or fodder. Anqo is old word, in N.T. only here, verse James 1:11 ; 1 Peter 1:24 (same quotation). This warning is here applied to "the rich brother," but it is true of all. He shall pass away (pareleusetai). Future middle indicative (effective aoristic future, shall pass completely away from earth).